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For those who have an accepted proposal, Beamtime survey for 2018B
2018B beamtime survey for non-proprietary proposals.

Please note that the proposal numbers of the proposals that were accepted in 2018A have been changed. The number can be checked at the UI site

1.The deadlines for the three periods of 2018B are as follows.
 1st period (10am October 2 to 10am November 9): The deadline is 10am(JST) August 27
 2nd period (10am November 13 to 10am December 20): Deadline is undecided
 3rd period (10am January 17 to 10am February 13): Deadline is undecided

2.If you wish to use a beamline during these periods, please fill the survey form and the sample information form and upload them from the application page. We will inform the principal investigator by email the user name and password of the application page. If there are multiple assignments, please upload each.

3.You can send three requests with priorities. In each request, only one beamline can be selected from BL41XU, BL32XU and BM-BL. BM-BL includes all bending magnet beamlines, BL26B1, BL26B2 and BL38B1. If you want to use a particular bending magnet beamline, please provide a reason. The shortest unit of beamtime is 0.5 shifts (4 hours) for BL41XU, 1.5 shifts (12 hours) for BL32XU, and 1 shift (8 hours) for BM-BL.

4. Beamlines and shifts will be decided according to the rating of your proposal when it was reviewed. Previous allocations can be found here.

5. For proprietary, long-term proposals, the beamline and the maximum number of shifts through 2018B were determined when the proposals were accepted. Please give the number of shifts and preferred dates.

6. Date of measurement will be decided after arrangement.

7. Remote access can be used at BL38B1, BL26B1 and BL26B2. Also, mail-in measurement is available at BL41XU, BL38B1, BL26B1. Please contact the beamline staff for details (

8. If there is unallocated beamtime after the allocation of each period, there will be a call for additional beamtime. Please refer to the announcement

9. Please send any question to

Thank you for cooperation.

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