We are developing and improving the structural biology research environment
using the high-brilliance synchrotron radiation at SPring-8.

Division Information


Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute
Protein Crystal Analysis Division

Name   e-mail * PHS
Takashi KUMASAKA Director  kumasaka 3475
Naoto YAGI Coordinator  yagi  3852
Kazuya HASEGAWA Team Leader  kazuya 3595
Seiki BABA Scientist  baba 3510
Nobuhiro MIZUNO Scientist  nmizuno 3797
Hideo OKUMURA Scientist  okumurah 3755
Hironori MURAKAMI Engineer hiromura 3364
Yuki NAKAMURA Engineer y-nakamu 3362
Takuya MASUNAGA Engineer takuya.masunaga 3228
Takashi KAWAMURA Scientist  kawamura 3396
Marcel BOKHOVE Postdoctoral Researcher  mbokhove 3528
Kenichi NISHIKAWA Staff  nishiken 3356
Fumie OGURA Technician  fumie 7846
Emi HORIASAKA Technician  emi.horisaka 3408
Tomoko ISHIHARA Technician  tomoko.isihara 3919
*followed by @spring8.or.jp.

Activities description

The Protein Crystal Analysis Division is mainly responsible for the development and maintenance of the research environment for structural biology using the high-brilliance synchrotron radiation at SPring-8. Our Division also develops the advanced research environment to promote structural biology research aimed at elucidating biological systems.
We support academic research by maintaining and upgrading the public beamlines, Structural Biology I (BL41XU: Undulator) and Structural Biology III (BL45XU: Undulator).
In addition, in order to meet the increasing needs of users and to promote the use of the beamline, we are upgrading the following items,
(1) Development of methods to automate and remotely use experiments to speed up structural decisions
(2) Development of instruments aimed at application to samples that are difficult to analyze in the past (e.g., microcrystals and ultra-high resolution structure determination)
In addition, we are conducting crystal structure analysis of proteins, metalloproteins, and viruses in the cellular signaling system as a group to advance structural biology research and develop advanced analysis methods.


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