We are developing and improving the structural biology research environment
using the high-brilliance synchrotron radiation at SPring-8.

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Beamtime Proposals

Protein Crystallography Beamlines (PX-BLs) at SPring-8


This page provides information about Protein Crystallography (PX) or Macromolecular Crystallography (MX) beamlines at SPring-8.
SPring-8 public beamtime slots are provided at 5 PX-BLs.
Our JASRI group provides user support for PX beamlines, BL41XU, BL45XU and BL26B1 with maintenance and development. RIKEN group also supports experiments at BL32XU and BL26B2.
For other PX-BLs, BL44XU (IPR, Osaka Univ) and BL12B2 (NSRRC, Taiwan), please find their own web sites.
New: From 2019A term, BL45XU is newly available as a public MX beamline, PX-BLs.